If the user got the time, watch parts of the full uncencored & uncut (thanks C-SPAN!) interview-testimony: https://ytpak.net/watch?v=GOnpVQnv5Cw

Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram and Telegram sideffects may include:

Income: Facebook reported Ad revenue of $51,58 per user, last Quarter (2021?) in US and Canada

Is cencorship the solution?

No of course not, there needs to be found a way to collectively find the truth in this mess of miss-information.

Only truthfull education & honest information (and a high quality, well funded education system) allows mankind to make rational decisions and can counter act violence insurrecting “fake news” (a new word for “lies”).

So false information (manipulative) “fake news” (lies) needs to be reported by users and filtered out (what use would be “the internet” full of false information? like wrong receipts for pankes? X-D).

The concept shall be: information shall be as true as possible and if not more truth is possible, ask why? How can “the truth” be found more systematic?

Without truth – all decicion making – is false.

In this case Facebook is “the powerfull”.


Cambridge Analytica harvesting Facebook profiles – grossly unethical experiment – Playing with the psychology of an entire country

winning influence and elections with Facebook’s / Your mother’s and Creepy Uncle’s Data Policy Statement and Data Privacy – Datenschutzerklärung

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