in previous rant, it was about “trying to return a product to China and get money back? well…. does not work in 99.9% of all cases”

eBay Artikel versand aus China – Rückgabe keine Chance – teuer & unzuverlässig

this is outright fraudulent allowance of eBay to sell more fake and scam stuff, which just like selling copied DVDs is a crime in most countries:

WOOOOT – eBay is “okay” with Fake and Scam Phones (S21 Ultra)

related: exploding fake phone chargers

“We ordered eleven smartphones from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Wish, and all of them were fake.”

the developers and vendors of those phones go as far as

“According to an iFeng report, fake imitations of the South Korean tech giant’s latest high end handset are already out in the market.”

“This arrives just prior to the launch conference for the 2020 Galaxy flagship series from Samsung”

So S22 Fake Phones should come out soon! X-D


Wie Betrüger die Android-Smartphones manipulieren

Fünf gefälschte Smartphones entblößt

“Ganze Großstädte leben von der Kopierindustrie”

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