nexus 6p (last huawai build phone for google) right2repair hard to open some phones for battery replacement

nexus 6p (last huawai build phone for google) right2repair hard to open some phones for battery replacement

it sounds crazy but… as machines as cars and tractors become more complicated and computerized

not only are their parts DELIBERATELY designed to break after a certain time (planned obsolescence) (in order to sell more spare parts, make more profit)

no, the manufacturers DELIBERATELY try to limit the ability of users to diagnose & self-repair their systems (in order to make more profit).

This translates into Linus complaining, that NVIDIA won’t release any details about their hardware or cooperate with the Open Source community in order to get their hardware up and running under GNU Linux, which lead to Linus “FUCK YOU NVIDIA” statement.

Linus Torvalds: "NVIDIA FUCK YOU"

Linus Torvalds: “NVIDIA FUCK YOU”

long version:

Check out this wiki Article on LightBulb-Phoebus_cartel of 1925 (Geneva) vs the longest glowing light bulb is glowing SINCE OVER 100 YEARS! ( burning since 1901) in a Firedepartment, Livermore, California

they even put a webcam up for it:

it was basically a “conspiracy” of:

  • Philips (Netherlands)
  • Compagnie des Lampes (France)
  • General Electric (United States)
  • Osram (Germany)

to artificially limit the hours (to 1000) a light bulb would last, in order to sell more light bulbs. (src)

this is what happens when capitalism is basically “playing monopoly”, with the aim to create and establish monopolys (very profitable in the short term, but highly unsustainable).

what those guys are fighting for is basically “give us access to our machine’s telemetry & diagnostics data”

this is the same problem with cars

and of course: every car vendor needs it’s own diagnostics module, cable & software (no standards!?)

the only solution: free hardware + free software

this is actually “making the case” for “free hardware”, “free” in the sense, that the CAD plans and files for all parts should be released under a GPL / creative commons / public domain license, and all that is needed is a friend with a 3D printer to print them.

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