always say something positive first: 1) FritzBoxes are great DSL internet routers (up to now) high quality & reliable, secure (now with automatic updates), power efficient and many many features that usually “just work” 🙂

1.1) the Mesh WIFI Network overview is done VERY VERY VERY WELL 🙂 (imho has improved over a simple list… lists showing MAC & IP & connection speed are also useful keep em)

2): problem: sometimes in the settings, it is not self-explanatory, where what setting is hidden

2.1) also it would be nice if AVM would grant ssh access to the box and all settings

2.2.) when searching the net for “rename fritzbox” the results are usually about the SSID (name of the wifi)

But every network device has a hostname (ping by ip or ping by hostname should both work) and this screenshot actually shows how to change the hostname of the fritzbox router:

make sure bottom left corner “Ansicht: Erweitert” (View: Advanced/Extended) is active

the problem: AVM massively changed the webinterface… probably in order to make it “easier to handle”

but imho as the amount of features increases the quality of the web interface has become worse (less responsive, slower, more confusing… where to search for what setting?)

definitely an overuse of slow languages on slow hardware?

even worse: the webinterface might be different from model to model

also: the first FritzWifiPhones were a complete catastrophe… basically useless… always out of battery X-D

still not so convinced of the quality of the AVM FritzRepeaters in wifi-dense areas probably better to go with something else…