… this Atari TT030 is 30 years old… and it still works X-D

Calamus Atari Desktop Publishing Software

Calamus Atari Desktop Publishing Software

TOS (The Operating System; also Tramiel Operating System, from Jack Tramiel, owner of Atari Corporation at the time) is the operating system of the Atari ST range of computers.

This range includes the 520ST and 1040ST, their STF/M/FM and STE variants and the Mega ST/STE.

Later, 32-bit machines (TT, Falcon030) were developed using a new version of TOS, called MultiTOS, which allowed multitasking. More recently, users have further developed TOS into FreeMiNT. (src)

  • 2.06 (ST/STE TOS) Last TOS version for ST/STE computers. Bug fixes, 1.44 MB disk support, memory test. Adds GTP program support (GEM-Takes-Parameters). Greatly enhanced GEM GUI. IDE hard disk booting. Atari logo display at boot-up. Automatic cold boot memory test. Supports higher resolutions.
    • Format: 2 chip ROMs (256 KB)
    • ROM date: 14 November 1991
    • Machines: 520ST, 1040ST, 520STE, 1040STE

Atari ST has been designed to move the power associated with machines costing thousands of dollars into the range a middle class consumer can afford.

It is based on the Motorola 68000, clocked at 8 MHz.”

“It was widely used in a new generation of personal computers with graphical user interfaces, including the Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and many others.

It competed primarily against the Intel 8088, found in the IBM Personal Computer (IBM PC), which it easily outperformed.

The 68k and 8088 pushed other designs, like the Zilog Z8000 and National Semiconductor 32016, into niche markets, and made Motorola a major player in the CPU space” (src)

“It ships with 520K, theoretically expandable to a whopping 16 Meg (of RAM).

It includes

  • parallel interface
  • serial interfaces
  • DMA (direct memory access) port for hard disk and other peripherals.
  • external floppy port
  • MIDI input and output
  • two mouse/joystick ports
  • 128K ROM catridge port

src: https://www.atarimagazines.com/creative/v11n10/26_Atari_520ST_a_reborn_Ata.php

it was very advanced… but, can it browser?

Actually! With a bit of tinkering, IT CAN X-D (even over 2.4Ghz Wifi (b+g) (not 5Ghz… yet X-D))

Wow, did not know there was a www html browser (CAB) and holy cow someone made a AtariWIFI adapter! (https://fujinet.online/)


how to dev this?

“Many languages are available on Atari but the most common choices are Assembly, Basic, and C.
Other languages (e.g. Pascal) were not so popular on Atari and their implementations are usually not so good and therefore they should be avoided.”

There are a lot of 68000 assemblers available for Atari ST but the most famous is the Devpac package from HiSoft.

It contains an editor, an assembler, a linker, and a debugger. The two widely used versions are :

src: https://info-coach.fr/atari/software/development.php


GamePlay: “Star Raiders” (Youtube)