in short: STAY AWAY FROM IT!

all in all this mp3 player is a waste of resources and the user’s time

(unless someone comes along and fixes the firmware X-D (but the playback problem could also be “in hardware”))

what is great about the player:

  • massive amounts of internal storage 16GBytes for 20€ bucks!
    • plus: Micro SD Card extension slot available
  • mounts like an USB Stick, works with GNU Debian Linux 10
  • has FM Radio
  • button controls make more sense, after firmware upgrade (v1.1)
  • design is okay
  • case/housing is okay
  • display is okay
  • charges via default USB Micro-B 5x PIN (aka old Samsung Android SmartPhone power supplies)

why this player?

yes could user SmartPhone as mp3 player, but should not keep SmartPhone in pocket with LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth all turned on (not healthy)

so wanted something that has does not emit electromagnetic signals at all X-D (no antennas, no modems)

the problems:

the software on the RUIZU X02 (Made in China) has MANY bugs and flaws that render it almost unusable

The MP3 player RUIZU X02 is of course a Chinese, provides with 16GByte internal memory (!!!) + Expansion possibility via MicroSD card enormous storage space, also the FM Radio works and even has an automatic transmitter search, but one of the most important functions of an MP3 player, to play clean MP3s without stuttering, this device unfortunately does not manage.

Unfortunately, the extremely annoying MP3 decoding error sounds again and again kill all the fun in music.

other even chepaer MP3 players for 7€, while catastrophic in casing/housing quality, manage to provide flawless mp3 playback

full specs:

【Product Specification】
♬ Model No: UIZU-X02.
♬ Products Size: 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.39 Inches.
♬ Screen size: 1.8 Inch TFT screen.
♬ Product weight:30.5g (device only ).
♬ Battery: Built-in Lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V/420mAh.
♬ Memory capacity: 8GB 16GByte memory built-in, TF card up to 64GB
♬ Memory capacity: Built-in 8GB 16Gbyte support expandable storage up to 64GB.
♬ Audio format: P3 /WAV/APE/WMA/FLAC etc.
♬ Video format: 128*160 AMV (converted video).
♬ Battery charging time : 2~3 hours full charge for the battery.
♬ Data transfer: Use USB cable connect with PC for data transfer.
♬ Music play mode: Repeat mode, Shuffle mode supported.
♬ Language: Support English and other kind of languages
♬ Music play mode: Repeat mode (Repeat 1, Repeat all), Shuffle
♬ Equalizer: Rock, Funk,Hip hop,Jazz,Classical,Techno,Custom.
♬ FM Radio: FM recording, Auto Tune, Manual Tune, Presets
♬ Voice recording: Reading Bit-rate (512kbps, 768kbps, 1024kbps, 1536kbps) Record format (MP3/WAV/ACT),Recording sense(Normal scene, eeting scene)
♬ E-book: Reading TXT files only bookmark support)
♬ Other Function: Calendar, Stopwatch, Alarm.

【Product Features】
❉ Design for sports: The music player with suitable size(3.5 x 1.5 x 0.39 Inches) and light weight(30.5g)and 5 operation buttons make it very easy to use and easy to carry,especially when you take exercise,running,jogging,traveling and hiking.

❉ Powerful battery capacity and Quickly Charge: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V/420mAh, support music playing up to 48 hours after 2~3 hours full charge for the battery, The music player built-in 2.0 Micro USB port you can charge the music player by USB cable(Packing accessories included) or by adapter (Packing accessories not included).

❉ Exquisite Gift: The music player with Fashion design and light weight and many color for you to choose, it can be a wonderful gift for students,kids and elders. and the nice packing box design make the music player very welcome.

❉Very Good After-Sale Service: after you buy the music player,any question you have we will always be here for you, with our professional After-Sale Service we will guide you to use the music player correctly.

❉Amazon FBA: With Amazon FBA service, after you buy this player you will receive the package very quickly.

manual firmware v1.1 and flash tool download:

if the user needs to reinstall the firmware, after the RIUZU X02 “hanged” itself (windows only).

Good luck! X-D


(was taken offline recently, why?)

try the user’s luck at the archive

alternatives: Open Source mp3 players?

looks nice and innovative 🙂

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