• easy to use


  • too much GUI changes
    • will piss off all people that got used to the GUI of Win XP and Win 7 congratulations!
  • not Open Source
  • not Free
    • updates will cost money (Win 10 is just an Update of Win 7 which is just an Update of Win XP)
  • not Respecting the user’s privacy
  • neither fish (mobile) nor meat (desktop):
  • too much clutter (too much stuff preinstalled, also: is MS now trying to make money by displaying advertisements in the START MENU? holy cow capitalism, what’s next?)

same same:

  • yes… upgrading from Debian 7 to Debian 10 might not work. Just as in Windows re-installation from scratch might be required
  • yes… installing too much programs on GNU Linux will just get the user in the same kind of trouble as Windows users (system instability)

it’s pretty clear: Windows 10 aims to transition from a purely desktop based OS to a mobile OS and kind of fails boths worlds with it’s complete GUI “tile” remake.

As one can see in those stats: Microsoft Windows is still – used purely on the desktop.

Windows failed to start on any the mobile platform…

OS market share (desktop and mobile:)


OS market share desktop platform/hardware:

windows is still pretty dominant on the desktop with a slow decline… (now under 80%)

re-learning GUIs SUCKS!

In closed as in open source: changes to guis means relearning guis means a lot of precious human workers time will not go into creating value but into having to re-learn already working functionality in order to be productive, this is, of course, not creating value, but destroying value.

And (one thought) capitalism is all about creating value (but creating value for whom? Microsoft? Or the customer?).

“Never change a running system” “never change a gui” (unless one absolutely HAS to)


This costs economies around the globe billions – relearn old software capabilities “how to do this and that in … “.

That is one reason one uses GNU Linux and hope this and that linux desktop or libre office menu or firefox menus NEVER CHANGE! (a lot, you can add one new item every 3 months but that’s it X-D)


do not know about you, but imho Windows 10 feels 1) sluggish 2) slow.

Slow is what one hates most and it also kills productivity / value of an economy – if machines take ages to start up, start a program or finish a task.

does one run windows at all?

one runs various windows virtualized for compatibility reasons and one windows 7 setup on hardware as gaming station.

but also have to support clients using Win 10.

So here is why one would NOT use it.

What the Open Source community shall do better: listen to the users and create high quality well tested reliable secure robust fast sleak software that makes the everyday life better for millions and millions.

privacy and Co:

  • Cortana the Microsoft version of Siri… is ALWAYS LISTENING to whatever microphone might be available.
  • “The Mail App” (whatever this is) seems to be the default Mail program fore sharing Links in Firefox? (wtf Mozilla?)
    • one can try to set system-wide Thunderbird as default Mail program like this:
    • but still… when clicking on “share via Mail” links on websites in Firefox… the stupid Mail App pops up asking for mail accounts.
    • Why does Firefox not automatically detect if Thunderbird is installed and use it as default Mail program?
    • this is how to fix it:
      • Firefox set default mail program:
        • one will have to navigate to C:\Program… Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
    • according to znet it is possible via admin powershell to uninstall those preinstalled apps.