A lot of things are not “Rocket Science” but Rocket Science is Rocket Science, which means: it involves solving a lot of technical problems.

And just as in car racing… things are fast dangerous and sometimes crash… which gives it a bit of an extra thrill X-D

One is very glad that an entrepreneur (coming from successful internet startups (paypal.com sold for $1B to eBay) is tackling important questions of mankind with new creativity:

  • sustainable transportation (Tesla) and
  • becoming a multi planetary species (which is crucial for mankind as a species to survive… as people might not know: survival in this universe is hard
    • life on earth started in the water
    • the conquer of the land by water organisms was tough and several attempts were needed (because of natural disasters such as meteoroids induced climate change (a lot of dust in atmosphere blocks light = very cold)
    • first life forms on earth’s ground were fungi! ( then plants which partnered with the fungi then animals and man)
4rd time this falcon 9 booster has been to space - this time it will not be recovered - https://youtu.be/fZh82-WcCuo

4rd time this falcon 9 booster has been to space – this time it will not be recovered – https://youtu.be/fZh82-WcCuo

So mankind’s permanent food hold on a new planet as habitat would be a MASSIVE step comparable to that of water based life that wants to set food on ground.

“big fat money” should book some trips on earth’s first inter planetary travel agency

That not only Japanese fashion billionaires but also Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet could go for a space ride or walk as well!? (they got the money, but maybe they don’t got the balls… so at least give the money to people who have or: SpaceX could sell expensive stickers worth 1M$ to be put on the first rocket that lands on Mars and Moon)

like Simone X-D

Why landing on Mars is hard:

“In short, the atmosphere is really thin. Thick enough to cause a thermal and guidance problem, but not thick enough to slow the spacecraft down enough, especially if it’s a really big (>2 T) lander.”

great articles 🙂

The SpaceX Starship is a very big deal

great youtubers: “hello i am Scott Manley, fly safe”

(maybe these are the words, the first Scott on Moon or Mars will say, he is definitely one of the funniest and educating spacetubers on this planet 🙂 love it 🙂

PS: Do me a favor: no Windows or JavaScript on the SpaceShip!
Thanks X-D




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