2018-04: RISC-V CPUs not affected by spectre & meltdown

“No announced RISC-V silicon is susceptible, and the popular open-source RISC-V Rocket processor is unaffected as it does not perform memory accesses speculatively.” (2018-01-05 src)
“If you’re selling an IoT sensor for 1 USD, how can you suddenly triple your costs by integrating secure technology, either forcing your market to bear the weight (if it will), or forcing your own company to vastly decrease its profit margins. None of this is sustainable in an ecosystem where the average ARM Cortex-M0+ costs under 0.60 USD per unit at volume with no trusted element.
My solution? RISC-V. With custom, open source, RISC-V processing technology, we can build secure processors with trust elements at a fraction of the cost of ARM processors. Integrating the RISC-V architecture into Lab Mouse, we can then offer a secure platform that is finally cost-effective.
So, in 2016, I researched the RISC-V architecture and joined the RISC-V consortium. I currently sit on the Debug, Security, and general ISA groups and hope to soon get back to participating more heavily. In 2017 at Hack in the Box Amsterdam, I demonstrated security flaws in the RISC-V processor architecture that are now resolved, proving that I put in the effort to research the architecture to ensure it is resilient enough for use in the Lab Mouse solution.” (src)

2018-04: RISC-V Startup raises 50Mil$


“Western Digital had previously announced in November that they’re shifting their entire product line, which is currently shipping about a billion cores a year,” Sherwani said. “They expect that to become, in a few years, two billion cores a year. They have made a public commitment that in a couple of years Western Digital is going to shift its entire product line onto RISC-V.”


First of all:

I totally believe in the idea of crowd-funding. It’s promoting real innovation by support of the masses.

Why is there no “reality” TV-Series about this that shows people – where they could put a dime and make a cool or fun project happen?

“Call now to promote project X”

What i don’t understand is how the most insane projects can get the most funding. Aha! Fun-Ding 😉

Maybe it’s really more about fun – than promoting innovation. But i think both is very important 🙂


There is:

TOO MUCH MONEY that investors do not know where to put

There is:

A LOT OF IDEAS – good and bad… but who is able to judge them?

What does good and bad even mean in the startup-universe?

Good = fun? = sustainable? = innovative? = return of investment in one year? = 10% interest rate?

There is:



Wohoo! It’s multi-national now “Explore GERMAN Projects” 😀 … just in time before i was about to launch my own kickstarting platform that would not have that problem in the first place.


A Platform that promotes the most INSANE of ideas on TOP.

There is:

https://www.seedmatch.de/ there is no https://www.seedmatch.com ? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

… it’s the German (Deutschebank?) copy of kickstarter… clear message: We do it better. less INSANITY, more technology.

But also 400.000€ for LUXURIOUS NUTS!? ARE YOU SURE?



So what is needed?

1. a good, fun, innovative idea

2. a professional video (at best also fun to watch 🙂 that conveys a new fun and innovative idea of what humans could do with the right fun-ding 🙂

3. connections / Vitamin-B to angel-investors






How to startup successfully: https://protonet.info/en/blog/how-protonet-raised-4-million-in-six-days/

“You’ll need to create scenarios for how your product or service could improve people’s personal or professional lives, and present your vision of how your products will help make them better people, happier or more independent. If you have something that could cheer up your friends and strangers and get them to talk about “possibilities” and “opportunities,” you might be headed in the right direction.

And, of course, there’s always plain luck and good timing. In our case, our product solves a timely need for privacy; we had the right technology; and we found the right angel investors before we launched our crowdfunding campaigns.”




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