NASA wants to return to the Moon with Humans

Also Funding of Mars Rover 2020

It will cache sample containers along its route for a potential future Mars sample-return mission.[9][10][11]

and Mars Helicopter

live space view from iss:

TRAPPIST-1e – next possibly inhabitable planet 40 light years away

ExoPlanet Therapist1e is, one of the most earth-like planets found yet, will be one of the first targets for James Webb Telescope (the Hubble successor).

Unfortunately, launch has been postponed to 2023.

Jim Bridenstine [@JimBridenstine] (June 27, 2018). “The James Webb Space Telescope will produce first of its kind, world-class science. Based on recommendations by an Independent Review Board, the new launch date for @NASAWebb is March 30, 2021. I’m looking forward to the launch of this historic mission” (Tweet). Retrieved June 27, 2018 – via Twitter.

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