The “NEW” SmartPhone: now with extra little tracking X-D

( i am not saying no tracking at all… because 3x cell phone towers can track you up to a precision of 10-100m)

Mrs Merkel used the 6210 Nokia. But – of course – it does not end-to-end-encryption of phone calls.

if it is true, that SmartPhones are sending your GPS location data to NSA-servers at Amazon Datacenters (AWS) some strange servers,

privacy wise SmartPhones are really catastrophic.

  • “Google learns a great deal about a user’s personal interests during even a single day of typical internet usage.
  • In an example “day in the life” scenario,where a real user with a new Google account and an Android phone (with new SIM card) goes through her daily routine, Google collecteddata at numerous activity touchpoints, such as:
    • user location
    • routestaken
    • items purchased
    • music listened to
  • Surprisingly, Google collected or inferred over two-thirds of the information through passivemeans.
  • At the end of the day, Google identified userinterests withremarkable accuracy.
  • Android is akey enabler of data collection for Google, with over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • While the Android OS is used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world, it is tightly connected with Google’secosystemthrough Google Play Services.
  • Android helps Google collect personal userinformation (e.g. name, mobile phone number, birthdate, zip code, and in many cases,credit card number), activity on the mobile phone (e.g. appsused, websites visited), andlocation coordinates.
  • In the background, Android frequently sends Google user location and device-related information, such as appsusage, crash reports, device configuration, backups,and various device-related identifiers.”


You can try to take back control over your data with firewalls for Android:

how to flash a google nexus 6p with custom rom and add the firewall.

as shown here:

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