list of RSS feeds that might be interesting 😀

RSS-Feeds are files.xml, which are auto-generated by CMS like WordPress.

It can be subscribed to with an RSS-Client Software.

Thunderbird (the Mail program) for example (tested on version 60.6.4 and above) has a pretty convenient functionality to stay up to date on the blog posts/news-sites one likes, by adding the RSS feed. (How this works scroll down for the tutorial)

IMHO (in my humble opinion) ALL websites, portals etc. should have an rss feed in a standardized format that users can subscribe to.

IMHO RSS is BETTER than newsletter, because:

  1. mails are problematic, they can land in SPAM
  2. the EU GDPR DSGVO privacy right reform has made saving mail addresses of users and sending newsletters more  problematic/complicated
  3. unsubscribing to a rss feed is basically: r-click and remove – that easy.

how to read news in the 21st century (APPs & RSS FEEDS) – turns the user’s Android based device into an independent Open Source based news aggregator that respects the user’s privacy

does a website have an rss feed? how to find out?

Either one sees this symbol: which will link to the rss feed url or:

one can simply trial and error: append “rss” to the domain name

and see what happens.

If this happens:

One knows: site has rss feed. (unfortunately sometimes the format is invalid or there are only (1) article? (error in CMS))

but often: IT JUST WORKS 🙂

check the format:

If Thunderbird complains with: “feed-address provides no valid rss feed” you can check the validity of your rss feed format here:

X-D you have to use

if your site passed this test, be happy to place an: banner on it for people to click on.

how to subscribe to rss via thunderbird:

  1. look for rss-link on the site or simply try to add /rss at the end of the page you are currently viewing:
  2. open up thunderbird: File/Datei -> New/Neu -> Feed-Account/Konto
    • give it a name:
  3. click on “organize subscriptions”
  4. under feed-address you paste the rss url
  • here:
  • if one sees 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10…
    • these are the amount of articles / article summaries provided by the RSS feed (again depends on settings in CMS how many articles are published via RSS and the content of the RSS also depends on the CMS generating it)

  • now you will immediately be informed about new news and blog posts to this site


PS: the internet is just as good as the content that people are sharing.

so please – get a blog!

share what u know!

so others can learn!

If one needs help with that feel free to contact.

Otherwise: just try the “point and click adventure” of wordpress: it is “free” (add sponsored and extra functionality costs extra like, but never the less, still great and usable via wordpress app)

sharing is caring 🙂

apt search rss – what’s in the repo?

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