Update: Article13 for North Stream 2 pipeline between Germany and Russia

Mrs Reda (one of the last honest politicians out there, used to be in Pirate Party but now even advises to vote against it, because also in the Pirate Party not all politicians use their new powers with responsibility) reveals a horse-trade agreement between France and Germany – Germany accepting Article 13 and France accepting the North Stream 2 pipeline. holy cow.

Article 13: when predatory capitalism (companies & lawyers) manipulate democracy to influence “the internet”: what do you expect to happen? Nothing in your interest!

Copyright violation

In November 2013, AFP and Getty Images were ordered to pay $1.2 million compensation to freelance photojournalist Daniel Morel for using his images posted on Twitter related to the 2010 Haiti earthquake without his permission, in violation of copyright and Twitter’s terms of service.[17][18]


call your EU representative: https://pledge2019.eu/de

Thank you EU! No more Music on YouTube!

-> this will result DIRECTLY in HATE towards the EU from within the EU and give additional fuel to anti EU resentiments.

Just that Sony can get more money from their content. Well… Sony, Lawyers, Capitalism and EU have one thing in common: they don’t care about you!

maybe YouTube should say to the EU: F*** YOU… we remove all YouTube, Google and Alphabet headquarters from the EU and move to a country that likes us and makes laws that are “content friendly”… haha! Would be so easy.

Hier sind die Memes gegen Artikel 13 und die EU-Urheberrechtsreform

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artikel_13 -> Empty, search

or checkout “Upload-Filter“: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upload-Filter

Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directive_on_Copyright_in_the_Digital_Single_Market#Article_13

14th of February 2019: EU Parliament has passed Article 13: https://www.alphr.com/politics/1009470/article-13-EU-what-is-it-copyright

Das Ende von Musik auf Youtube: Artikel 13 “DANKE EU”

Die Change.org Petition gegen Artikel 13 kann aus Datenschutzgründen (es ist ein Wirtschaftsunternehmen vermutlich mit sehr guten Kontakten zu Facebook und Co, kein Wohltätigkeitsverein) leider nicht empfohlen werden.

Wem kann man noch trauen?

https://”Change.org ist keine Non-Profit-Organisation, sondern ein Wirtschaftsunternehmen.[2]” (src: Wikipedia)

BigBrotherAward Change.org https://bigbrotherawards.de/2016/wirtschaft-changeorg

Besser die Petition von Julia Reda: https://juliareda.eu/2018/06/saveyourinternet/




short story: Big Media corporations want to sue YouTube (Alphabet-Google) to extract money – this could be THE END of listening to Music on youtube IN EUROPE (not in USA, Canada, China, Russia, Switzerland of course 😉

Alphabet Inc. src: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet_Inc.
Rechtsform Aktiengesellschaft
ISIN US02079K1079 [1]
Gründung 2. Oktober 2015
Sitz Mountain View, Kalifornien,
Vereinigte Staaten Vereinigte Staaten
Leitung Larry Page (CEO)
Sergey Brin (President)
Mitarbeiterzahl 85.050 (31. März 2018)
Umsatz/TurnOver: 110 Mrd. US-Dollar (2017)
Branche Internetdienstleistungen und -handel, Werbung, Softwareentwicklung, Gesundheit, Biotechnologie, Investment
Website abc.xyz

YouTube = Online Content Sharing Providers

  • Youtube either needs to passport id it’s upload youtube channel users to sue them if they upload “illegal” content, pass on the claims of major labels
  • major labels (BGM, Sony and Co trying to extract money/want to participate at the Alphabet-Google-YouTube income) will probably sign deals with YouTube and thus will be “trusted” sources
  • “small” youtube channels might be (temporarily) killed, because youtube can not “trust” them can not make responsible for anonymously uploading “illegal” content (“illegal” = could be latest “Celebrity-with-Sony-contract” song but could also could be a picture of Obama, that you do not have the copyright for) that is included in your video)

Look at this Screenshot from Youtube: It might soon look very different (when viewed from Europe)



am i victim to fake news?

“The European Parliament has voted in favour of a controversial new copyright directive” Article 13 “that could force tech giants to do much more to stop the spread of copyrighted material on their platforms.” (src)

No Mon = No Fun

i am not getting paid to study this. this is the point where you would like to trust someone to be intelligent enough to do the decision making for you X-D

“Lesen, und denk einfach mal nach.

Bisher ist bei der Gesetzgebung für Internetkontrolle stets der GAU eingetreten.

Angefangen vom Abmahnungswesen, Zensur in Foren “um Schaden vom Betreiber abzuwenden”.

Dieses Abzielen auf Meme in deinem Artikel-Link dient doch nur zum Lächerlichmachen der Kritiker.

“The Copyright Directive is an attempt to create a level playing field where everyone can gain from the amazing options that the new technologies offer. Musicians, artists, video producers and the whole creative sector will benefit by having a fairer negotiating position.

Journalists and online publications will have more money to keep on financing quality research and news. Despite what you might read, the Copyright directive supports a free press and could enable journalists to get some money when their articles are shared online. Good journalism costs money and without a free press there is no democracy.

Fair remuneration for and from the platforms and a fairer market place is what we want. We cannot achieve a real European digital single market which makes us all better off, if copyrighted material is misused or poorly remunerated. Because if creative people don’t get paid, they can’t afford to be creative.

No Mon = No Fun”


sacrificed for Big pro Establishment Media Outlets

“Es sind v. a. die großen Medienhäuser, die hier lobbyieren, um ihrem Bedeutungsverlust zu begegnen. Das Internet, so wie wir es bisher kannten, wird hier in der Tat gerade zum Vorteil weniger „geopfert“.” (src)

(src of src)

src: https://corporateeurope.org/it/node/2238




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