“In the world of Information Technology, change is constant, compliance is inevitable, adaptability is required”

i would add: “resistance is futile”

“In the world of Information Technology, change is constant, compliance is inevitable, adaptability is required; therefore, staying one-step ahead of the latest industry advancement is critical for success. This is as true for important regulations like GDPR as it is for technological breakthroughs. There is no data-protection Crystal Ball, but if we watch the development of best practices globally, it is possible to be prepared for the future. For example, GDPR clearly influenced the California Consumer Protection Act which will take effect in 2020, and in India, a draft has been released for a local data-protection act very similar to GDPR. It is clear that data-protection regulation will get stricter around the world as new bills are passed, but with proper education and careful planning, enterprises can overcome the obstacles and reap the rewards of secure data management.

With one very telling and informational year under our belts, it’s time to take what we’ve learned and prepare for what’s to come.” (src: securityweek.com)

Captured states – e-Privacy Regulation victim of a “lobby onslaught”

the problem: additional costs without benefits

trying one’s best to keep private data secret and it security tight should be everyones’s duty.

but implementing partly nonsense dataprotection while using WhatsApp does not make ANY sense but causes small and medium sized businesses additional costs and worries.

it is work without pay out of fear of not getting sued by someone or some governmental institution.

companies now all over Europe might need to replace their paper shredders, because they are not GDPR/DSGVO compliant.

additional costs: 350€ revenue: nothing.


a blessing for companies that produce these – a curse to anyone who is now forced to buy it – and trash the old shredder that still work perfectly – but only makes stripes instead of pieces.

is it at least more efficient than the old one? nope.

Die OpenOffice/LibreOffice Version: (editierbar)

Verzeichnis von Verarbeitungstätigkeiten OpenOffice LibreOffice nach Vorlage LDABayern v1 2019-01.odt

PDF-Version: (nicht editierbar)

Verzeichnis von Verarbeitungstätigkeiten OpenOffice LibreOffice nach Vorlage LDABayern v1 2019-01.pdf

basierend auf:



Ich biete hier nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen eine Vorlage an! Dies ist keine rechtssichere Beratung!

Bitte wenden Sie sich an ihren DSGVO-spezialisierten Rechtsanwalt!

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