Elon Musk: 2018: “Ai is far more dangerous than nukes” and should be regulated. “We have to ensure that the advent of digital super intelligence is symbiotic with mankind”

Update: Made in Israel killer Drone!

killing people has never been more fun.

“The small anti-personnel warhead on the Mistral’s Uvision Hero-30 (made in Israel) weighs in at a little more than 1 pound and is capable of destroying light-skinned vehicles, motorbikes or troops in the open.” (src: TheArmyTimes)

killing made easy as a in a video game!

remember: who ever is against you – are the bad guys and deserve death.

soundtrack to the killing:

isn’t it great?

Whatever sells. The first two commandments are the only one’s that were directly heard by Moses – so you can skip the last 8 which includes “you shall not kill”. haha. not valid for us. kill like the smart guys!

why are not more companies buildings such weapons and hook them up to AI-autonomous killing systems in order to kill all of mankind including themselves? Would be the “SMART” thing to do!

well i guess “Autonomous Weapon Systems” (AWS, unfortunately the same letters as “Amazon Web Services”) are the super-evil ways to use technology…


… not funny.

it needs to be known to the reader… that (unfortunately) western and eastern weapon manufacturers have (up to know) always managed to find foreign customers and sell despite a ban. What they do is label weapons as bananas and ship them to countries near the customer’s country to circumgo export restrictions – which is immoral no question – but this is how sick those people are – selling weapons to both sides of a conflict – to profit from people wanting to kill each other.

Congratulations to the USA #1 in arms deals

Europe comes in #7 followed by #9 italy and #10 france. congratulations! Russia comes in place #13. And China is not even on the list.


fire words not weapons

“The Russian Federation remains convinced that the CCW is an appropriate format to consider the matters related to lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).

This Convention has established itself as a forum where decisions are discussed and adopted on
the basis of a reasonable balance between humanitarian concerns and legitimate defense interests of States.

It is this particular feature of the forum that provides a practical opportunity to analyze such a contradictory and controversial subject as LAWS with realism and due prudence.” (src)

it can walk…

and play Go better than any human…

we should teach super AI values… if we can’t. mankind is screwed.


more funny 3D walk / muscle simulations including dinosaurs!

sorry to say this…

but it is going to take a while until Will Smith can finally properly flirt with a Robot X-D

Until then they will spur mostly one emotion: ANGER!

Because they are not as smart as we wish, because we are not as smart as we think we are, to actually build something like this.

It is nice that mankind again and again takes a shot – and especially in video games – artificial intelligence is very important to make the game thrilling and fun.


“Recent advances in the development of data structures to represent spiking neuron network models enable us to exploit the complete memory of petascale computers for a single brain-scale network simulation… Our work uncovers that the lack of scaling of thread-parallel network creation is due to inadequate memory allocation strategies and demonstrates that thread-optimized memory allocators recover excellent scaling.” ( i always KNEW memory allocation was DONE WRONG on Windows, OSX and maybe even on Linux (but it still does it best))

it continues: “The brain thus forms recurrent networks at multiple levels of organization, and due to this intricate coupling between the local and the global level neuroscientists need to study brain-scale networks in order to arrive at self-consistent descriptions of brain activity.” (see i told you… okay i have no idea what he is talking about X-D but it is expensive 1B$)


In video games the ai enemy usually ALWAYS know WHERE you are and programmers have to make it pretend not to know.

How awkward is this? Because otherwise you will ALWAYS get shot through 1000x 3d level walls, which defeats fun and sucks.

Also beating someone at chess is not really an ai accomplishment – it was just a matter of filling up the database with THE BEST possible moves for ANY situation and if you have 3 possible moves maybe just randomize what choice it takes.

Speaking of randomness – it is not even easy to get a good source of randomness on computers.

What makes me skeptical about all that ai hype is that until know it was not possible to simulate anything more complex than a lizard – simply because WE DON’T EVEN KNOW OURSELVES 100% – mankind does not know how a brain – down to the last circuit works and WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE THE COMPUTATIONAL HARDWARE WITH THE CAPACITY to simulate it

“The most accurate simulation of the human brain to date has been carried out in a Japanese supercomputer, with a single second’s worth of activity from just one per cent of the complex organ taking one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers 40 minutes to calculate.

Researchers used the K computer in Japan, currently the fourth most powerful in the world, to simulate human brain activity. The computer has 705,024 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM, but still took 40 minutes to crunch the data for just one second of brain activity…

While significant in size, the simulated network represented just one per cent of the neuronal network in the human brain.”

src: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/10567942/Supercomputer-models-one-second-of-human-brain-activity.html

so you would need 216000x times the capacity of this.

705024*40*60*99 = CPUs and 302.400.000.000 Million GB of RAM and probably multiple nuclear power plants dedicated ONLY to this task X-D to have the hardware in place to simulate a human brain in real time – in theory.

“Exascale computers are those which can carry out a quintillion floating point operations per second, which is an important milestone in computing as it is thought to be the same power as a human brain and therefore opens the door to potential real-time simulation of the organ’s activity.

Currently there is no computer in existence that powerful, but Intel has said that it aims to have such a machine in operation by 2018.

“If petascale computers like the K computer are capable of representing one per cent of the network of a human brain today, then we know that simulating the whole brain at the level of the individual nerve cell and its synapses will be possible with exascale computers – hopefully available within the next decade,” said one of the scientists, Markus Diesmann.”

src: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/10567942/Supercomputer-models-one-second-of-human-brain-activity.html

if things go as planned Intel/Cray could provide the hardware to simulate a complete human brain in 2022. (Intel/Cray src)

Is this where SkyNet takes over and wipes out the human race?

Or will mankind – once more – realize – that this was a premature undertaking and it needs to learn more before any such goal can be reached – and SkyNet finally takes over and wipes out the human race. (“i am just joking” (Robot Sophia))



Speaking of voice recognition: it’s also not easy. Siemens mobile phones had pretty good voice recognition… not seen in a long time. (except from that, they sucked, they could not even get battery charging right)

Robots on Jimmy Fallon

Will Smith really starts to hate Robots now…

he just got accidentally insulted.

of course it does not stop there…

Update: 2019-03: https://www.defensenews.com/global/asia-pacific/2019/03/18/us-india-collaborating-on-air-launched-drone/

“Sierra Nevada Corporation has been selected for the final phase of the Defense Advanced Research Agency’s Gremlins program, which aims to launch and recover reusable drone swarms using manned airborne aircraft far outside of enemy ranges, according to a May 9 press release from the company.

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) will provide Gremlin Air Vehicles with an autonomous docking system, allowing the drones to be retrieved by a C-130 transport aircraft they complete their mission. They would then be carried home and prepared for reuse within 24 hours.”

“The unmanned air vehicles utilized in these future operations will carry a variety of different sensors and other payloads, working together to manage and conduct complex, highly adaptive operations in contested environments,” said Tim Keeter, Dynetics deputy program manager and chief engineer.

“The potential to overwhelm an adversary continuously with multiple volleys is tremendous.”

“Miller said there are several concept designs for different payloads that they’re using to put in front of various stakeholders based on their mission sets.”



“Security system of the Russian Khmeimim air base and Russian Naval CSS point in the city of Tartus successfully warded off a terrorist attack with massive application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) through the night of 5th – 6th January, 2018.”

“regardless of the direct implications this new tactic has on Russia’s Syrian operation, it does give us our first glimpses of a new age in modern warfare – one where dense swarms of low-cost drones armed with high-explosives will be able to wreak havoc on targets.”


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