Your mobile phone is giving away your approximate location all day long.

This isn’t exactly a secret: It has to share this data with your mobile provider constantly to provide better call quality and to route any emergency 911 calls straight to your location.

But now, the major mobile providers in the United States — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon — are selling this location
information to third party companies — in real time — without your consent or a court order, and with apparently zero accountability for how this data will be used, stored, shared or protected.

It may be tough to put a price on one’s location privacy, but here’s something of which you can be sure: The mobile carriers are selling data about where you are at any time, without your consent, to third-parties for probably far less than you might be willing to pay to secure it.

Krebs has the story:

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my comment:

Wow! Since “the internet” Orwell bought all the privacy there was.

Also the “new” EU privacy law is (unfortunately) not enough – otherwise “the EU” would fund Free Hardware and Free Software, that respects privacy.

But even then we would need “free infrastructure” to use our SmartSelfSurveillancePhones.