what to do to improve online privacy?

  1. use a privacy respecting DNS server by https://www.opennic.org/
    • for example:
    • (not google’s (
  2. use Freifunk
  3. use a VPN such as:
  4. use tor bundle as much as possible https://www.torproject.org/download/
    • can also be used “on top” of VPN
    • bandwidth might sometimes be low/slow

Why privacy matters.

What IPhone and Android SmartPhone user cares about protecting private data and privacy? a sudden regime change could change everything.

“Amsterdam has always been regarded as a model example of successful urban planning. Already in 1851, the city began to collect systematically data of the population, to distribute optimally their resources. For the “bevolking register,” the inhabitants willingly, relationship status, occupation, and religious affiliation. In 1936, to be increased to the data acquisition with an ultra-modern punch-card system. In 1939, updated a census of the city register of again.

In may 1940, the invasion of German occupiers takes the Register, and identified on the basis of this wealth of information in just a few days, almost all the Jewish inhabitants.

A majority of the around 100,000 Amsterdam Jews were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.

From one day to the other, a marker-pen in the Big Data Pool decided about life and death.

Previously, 90 years, no one had anything to hide – after all, the collection served to the Well-being of all.

And today? Today, we give ourselves over to state authorities, such as the NSA and its partners such as the German BND, on the step of the monitor. This Attack, we take almost no resistance, he preserves for us, but allegedly, before the terror attacks of Islamic Jihad thugs. Things we hide, that everything is about us, in the gigantic, never-be-forgotten databases, can be used one day against us.

Besides, anyone Who thinks that the data eye of the intelligence services if it were monolithic, anonymous Entities, is mistaken. Finally, we know the scope of the monitoring efforts, since a single, supposedly well-lit NSA employee, Edward Snowden, his political stance has changed. In the case of the NSA, GCHQ and BND of thousands of people, flesh-and-blood work. Snowden has publicly documented, what data he has tapped. How many accesses are in the dark about to happen, nobody knows.

An employee could stand on the financial precipice, vulnerable to blackmail and just all of the places of residence of holiday super-rich to filter out. Another could be a pathological Stalker, who monitored the movements of his beloved, to find the right Moment to access it. The BND unrecognized neo-Nazi he may be on XKeyscore Terminal of the NSA, targets for arson attacks against refugees auszubaldowern accommodation.

No one knows the. In General, one learns far too little about all those abschnorcheln most intimate data, evaluate it and for an unknown duration save. Not to mention the question of who gets quite possibly, in the future, this data access. Therefore, the Mantra of every citizen should read: “I hide a lot!” Edward Snowden has shed light on the global surveillance apparatus in bright light. This offers the Chance to understand what methods are currently used. In the coming issues of c’t, we will sort them and make it understandable, so that you may know dear readers, more and fight back.

By Holger Bleaching” (translatet by Putin himself, he is smart enought to not trust smart phones, WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter)

Datenschutz und Privatsphäre – Wer braucht das schon?

Quelle: https://www.heise.de/ct/ausgabe/2015-17-Editorial-Nichts-zu-verbergen-2755486.html

“Es ist immer der gleiche Ablauf: Eine bisher unerhörte Datenerhebung — in diesem Fall die Lkw-Maut — wird eingeführt mit der Begründung “brauchen wir halt”, und alle Bürgerrechtler werden damit ruhiggestellt, dass man sagt, “die Daten sind aber geheim und werden NIEMALS NIEMALS NIEMALS an die Polizei weitergegeben”. Und nicht mal FÜNF VERFICKTE JAHRE SPÄTER kommt ein einzelner Mordfall, wo halt jetzt mal ein paar österreichische Mautdaten helfen konnten, und es dauert KEINE STUNDE, bis dieselben Brunztulpen, die bei der Einführung noch “absolute Geheimhaltung” versprochen haben, gleich allen Ermittlungsbehörden Zugriff auf ähnliche Daten geben wollen. DENN WIR ALLE BRAUCHEN KEINE BÜRGERRECHTE, WENN DAFÜR NUR EIN EINZIGER MORDFALL AUFGEKLÄRT WERDEN KANN.

2019 kommt dann die Pkw-Maut und die Regierung erhebt fröhlich Bewegungsdaten von uns allen.”

Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/r/de/comments/6fkl0l/der_kreislauf_geht_weiter_daten_sammeln/


Every nation and citizen that takes privacy and data protection serious – implement your own WhatsApp, SmartPhone, CPU, free hardware, google, facebook, twitter.

Not only would this kind of biodiversity make the whole it landscape more robust – the hope is that it also brings back some degree of control over one’s data.

But be aware: Only transparently designed (Open Source) soft- and hardware can do that. Not “undocumented” features.

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