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What is cool:

  • Thunderbird is Open Source and respects the user’s mails privacy
  • Thunderbird delivers timely updates to keep the system secure
    • users should keep their www and mail software up to date, they are major security risks
    • click on Help -> About to check for updates
    • there is a reason why there is not an automatic “in the background” update mechanism
    • hacked update servers are a major problem, thus the user is at the mercy of the hacked update server
    • with manual updates the user can 1) take a backup of the complete machine on an external harddisk 2) disconnect that harddisk 3) run the update and realize everything is fine… or not… and then restore the backup if not
    • Mr Stallman is pretty much against automatic update servers for that reason
  • Thunderbird can do imap very well and sync status of mailboxes over multiple devices
  • Thunderbird can handle large amounts of mail reasonably fast (the searching of course takes some time)
  • Thunderbird has (now) build in capability of pgp-mail encryption (it might still need some improvements?)
  • Thunderbird has a build-in calendar that can do webdav
  • move to new hardware? no problem! simply move the profile folder to the new machine! (if the Thunderbird versions are the same on source and target, it should just work)

What is not so:

  • JavaScript enabled per default? why? (this could be a massive security problem)
    • imho this was changed, GOOD WORK 🙂
  • it has grown into a pretty complex program with massive menus, a bit intimidating new users and not tech-savvy users

The functionality that is missing but important for users with multiple mail accounts: have the most important mail accounts on top of the list:

here a great plugin = addons = extensions comes into play: “Manually Sort Folders” (and yes it still works in 2021-07 thanks all!)



how to install:

1) download latest version

more recent backup / archive mirror:

sha512sum: e38500c71e3b36140a4c90b3fe0088eeb8a6d5f72380fa5ce19ea677ff29528f4c11f427f72ec015cbbbceb8d7007fc86f708a81dd16eeafa131b91730c3fa16

very old outdated backup / archive mirror: (for very old thunderbirds)

2) install

3) start the Manually Sort Folders Addon: 68.5.0 (64-bit) in English version

3) start the Manually Sort Folders Addon: in German version

imho Thunderbird menus should be standardized “the same” across all platforms and languages!!!

unpack and drag and drop *.xpi here:

tested and worked with  until 78.12.0 (64-bit) (2021-07)

this is how it looks:

it let’s the user select a mail account and move up / move down

after “Restart Thunderbird” the order of the accounts changed 🙂

thanks all involved 🙂


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