“Thinking is hard work and not worth the effort” (The Love Police)

Ever wondered why WhatsApp is for free? It is a self-surveillance tool.

Phones with closed-source wifi drivers are cheap.

Because to know the last detail about you – means power and money to companies and regimes.

Same goes for privacy and convenience. WhatsApp and Mail are conveniant – but they have no privacy. Expect every bit of data and thought to be analyzed. Because “they” want to know what you think – tomorrow – so they can act today – to bring you back on (their) tracks.



where are we – about the status quo

right in the middle of infowars… the war over what you think, vote and buy tomorrow or not.

now the real orwell that died of tuberculosis….




Tools – what can we do?

avoid producing big data.

use alternative search engines like https://startpage.com or https://duckduckgo.com

stop posting your meal on facebook 😀

stop using a smart phone 😀 (oh shit) 😀

https://www.replicant.us/ – firmware without closed source android drivers. (expect your WIFI to not work… which should make you wonder why are there no open source drivers for this chip)



as open as possible “free” transparent hardware:

you should know if there is a chip inside the chip that you don’t have any control over like in the i3 i5 i7 chips.

https://www.crowdsupply.com/sutajio-kosagi/novena 750.000USD! FUNDING AND RISING!

i wonder if someone can do a open source phone for 200USD

wha is there no such thing on crowdsupply?

that can run replicant

openmoko was a nice start… but it is TOO expensive and can not run replicant. Thanks never the less…

how it should be

  • the internet should be completely owned and run and organized and maintained by the people for the people – not some small elite meeting behind closed doors.
  • the internet should be operated with free (transparent open source) software and free (transparent open source) hardware only.
  • access to the internet should be provided free or for as little charge as possible (the tech-guy’s CEO and the tech-guy himself should make a decent sallary but both do not need a Ferrari – a second-hand Tesla roadster is more than enough)
  • the internet should keep it’s decentralized design and avoid monopolies and monopolistic control structures. Control over the internet should not be delegated to a single private company or government.

what about hate speech, terrorists and criminals?

of course the police should DO THEIR JOB and try to find psychopaths and pedophiles before they can cause any harm – if they caused harm – they should – of course – be prevented from ever causing harm again.

This could mean bringing them to a distant place – where they can not escape and have to grow their own food.

But right now – just as 1789 during the french revolution – or by hitler himself – fear and terror are used to keep the masses under control and even make them pay for their own surveillance.

Ever wondered why WhatsApp is for free?

Because to know the last detail about you – means power and money to companies and regimes.

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