Some people think it is ridiculous to measure the power consumption of computers.

Imho it is important for servers but also if workstation uses 50 Watts idle or 10 can also make a difference when it is used a lot over the year – for the envinronment and the electricity bill – one always wants maximum performance per Wattage.

watch cpu usage via htop (linux task manager, apt install htop) going through the roof.

variant dev null:

no screen output.

yes > /dev/null & # stress one cpu threads/cores
yes > /dev/null & # stress two cpu threads/cores
yes > /dev/null & # stress three cpu threads/cores
yes > /dev/null & # stress four cpu threads/cores

variant +.:

with screen output.


while true; do
echo -n "+.";

power usage: HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server

170 W (idle) 500 W (full load all CPU cores)

hardware review and power consumption watt power usage test HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server


power usage: MacPro 3,1

200 W (idle) 300 W (all 8x cores full throttle)