Dear Mr Lamb,

thanks for your work and commitment to GNU Debian Linux (right on Mr Stallmann :).

i read most of

and i could/would like to contribute to the Debian Website/Wiki all things web-realted.


One can tell that a lot of love and dedication has flown into it.

Debian’s commitment to being Universal while maintaining Quality and Simplicity is key for great performance – right after Apple’s Jobs “It just works” mentality.

All it needs is people teaching people how to use it – overcome the first hurdles of “how the f*** do i get my wifi adapter to work during setup (!)” (which can be crucial for downloading packages during setup).

I came a long way – from Windows 7 (last Version used like 5 years ago) – to OSX (had the Unix technology under the hood) – to Debian Linux.

I am using Debian on the webserver that delivered this page, DEBIAN MATE on Laptop (DELL) and Workstation (Giada – run’s like weasel) and i am very happy with it!

It boots very very fast:

I tried to teach it in “Volkshochschule” (School for public education courses) to others in Germany – and actually there is interest – especially amongst people concerned with privacy and surveillance issues.

But its very low paid. (travel expenses not always covered, i got 130€ for one day teaching – had to drive for 120km)

so therefore i would say – keep Debian how it is. Universal, Simple, Smart, Sleak, Quality, Stable and Secure… to make systems “just work” 🙂 and people “just happy” and printers “just print”.

I just recently tried SUSE ENTERPRISE SERVER 11 Setup as Hyper-V VM and it is colorful and fancy setup but CRASHED while partitioning 😀

Debian 8 Minimal iso installed just fine 😀

To compare to Ubuntu is a little unfair – because Ubuntu (yes has stolen all the Debian goodies) combined it with funding and a company running the show…

How do those guys actually earn money?

Debian covers all my everyday usage – and the less software installed the better – in this term Debian is definately better than Ubuntu (more software pre-installed).

Keep up the good work!

If can contribute let me know! 🙂


  • create youtube video how to install Debian 8 Minimal on USB Stick and install MATE Desktop
  • upload image of USB Stick for everyone to download and dd to their own USB Stick
  • create youtube video how to use Debian MATE’s basic programms LibreOffice, Firefox, Icedove (Mail Encryption?)


Apple seems more concerned with selling things than with their software quality – bad move. Will bite in the long run.