this is a little contradicting…

yeah okay… basically what Mr Stallman wants is that all JS-script comes with a free license…  so he is not against JS in general. But never the less JS stays a security concern.

but never the less… it is a great idea to have more Open Source Facebook alternatives 🙂



GNU social

On June 8th, 2013 the developers of GNU social are pleased to announce a merger with both the Free Social project and the StatusNet project. Free Social developer and founder, Mikael Nordfeldth and GNU social founder, Matt Lee will co-manage the project. StatusNet founder and Federated Web pioneer Evan Prodromou, will remain active on the project as an advisor and occasional contributor.This merge represents an ongoing commitment to the GNU social project.Effective immediately, GNU social now has a highly tested and production-quality codebase, serving millions of social interactions across the federated social web. We plan to continue to develop the software, add new features and plan greater interoperability with existing and future free software social platforms, including

A release (version 1.1.1) of GNU social is planned very shortly, which will be the first release under the new project structure.

Press contact

Matt Lee
Founder and co-maintainer, GNU social

Merge FAQ

What codebase/repo will be used?
It is expected that we’ll be using the StatusNet repo, and then merging any changes into that.


wtf? no app?

No App yet but WordPress Plugin

Getting started

  1. get an account:
  2. login to your wordpress dashboard go to Plugins, search for “gnusocial”, activate.
  3. visit the plugin’s settings page at ‘Settings -> WP-GNU social’ on your WordPress Admin page.
  4. add the API url of a GNU social node in this case , your username and password.
  5. Publish a new post to get started.

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