Mankind seems to develop “backwards” – from a real democracy during greec times to a hidden and anonymous dictatorship of money and spies.

you have nothing to hide… really? why are you using encrypted e-Mail then? This gives you extra credit in the terrorist-ranking mechanism.

the vision of the future: an elite of people – en prisons themselves in fortresses – because the world outside is all savage and poor and evil. (evil & poor basically)

so what do you do?

you can not kill all poor people, because who is going to clean your toilet? YOURSELF or poor people. (slaves)

so you keep a stock of slaves under tight control and surveillance (police state) and make them believe “this and that” distract from facts and present actors as politicians. (ronald reagan, schwarzenegger)

you might go even as far as having your surveillance-and-control-apparatus install automated “kill-list-drones” which swarm out to hunt down and kill whoever is on top of that list.

maybe he is on that list for using encryption.

maybe he is just unhappy with his slave-status and would like to really vote for something.

or maybe he is truly a terrorist – who wants to suicide-kill-himself to kill the dictator of that police-state.

of course getting babies is a risk. the mother could die – the baby could have defects and die… or have defects and survive.

so why not “produce” people???

…because they gonna go mad. if you don’t give em the drugs.

maybe the even won’t go mad.

but then: we kind of lost the last respect we have for human life.

Ed Snowden gets a visit from his father –

Ed Snowden gets awarded –

follow his story:

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