no joke.

this app will allow you to “repack” your installed apps (one by one) into a “setup.apk” file that you then can move to your computer or send via mail.


app extractor screenshots

This application will extracts APK which is installed on android device and copy to SD card.

* Fast and easy to use.
* Extracts all most all application,includes system applications.
* No ROOT access required.
* By Default Apk’s will be saved in /sdcard/ExtractedApks/.
* Provided Search option to search applications.
* Compatible with latest version of Android 4.4.4.
* Saved apk format AppName_AppPackage_AppVersionName_AppVersionCode.apk
* Action bar ,support from Android 2.2+ devices.
* Can extract multiple/all apk’s by holding long click on any item.