long live free speech in america… but i think it just died 20 years ago.

linkedin.com censorship

what i did was the following:

1. created a linked in account ( the german counterpart is called xing.com which is probably just as useless… never got ANY project/job/good contacts that i not allready had over this platform)

2. tried to contact two guys from google ventures in order to show them a cool project… one guy actually responded with

marc hemeon


“D’OH! Don’t ask for stuff – do stuff”

i replied: “This is what we do since 10 years”

… anyway.

then i stumbled over this article: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20141011060029-52594–if-you-re-not-working-we-won-t-hire-you

Work in 2014

… few minutes later i relogged in and got the above “your account is restriced” message.

because i commented like this:

“free market is an asshole”

i also linked to:

“john perkins financial terrorism exposed” http://generation-nachhaltigkeit.at/index.php/a-sustainable-just-peaceful-world-2/

“if you want to know how hedgefonds destroy the world read”


… i am not shure if i want my account back on a platform that is ineffective and where people need to keep their mouth shut.

i think not.

keep it restricted. i don’t care.

i am also not planning to go to the USA any time soon… i rather would go to Ecuador and support those guys.

USA! PLEASE Get rid of your government soon and restore democracy that actually takes responsibility for people.

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