update: 2020-05: ain’t workin’ no more 🙁

(it’s funny… it was still working yesterday X-D)

whatever happened… Jeremy… your once so simplistic “manage allowed upload file types” plugin stopped working 🙁 (in wordpress Version 5.4.1)

Manage Upload Types

oh no… what shall we do? what shall we do?

messing with functions.php is not an option!

as shown in this 2014 video X-D (functions.php will be overwritten with the next update X-D)

ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS is also not an option!

it will most likely decrease the security of one’s wordpress installation.

maybe this plugin (updated 4 months ago) will do the job?

WP Extra File Types


X-D (won’t save new filetypes)

if you would like to upload *.svg graphics, you should get this plugin:

allow additional mime types upload manage upload types

manage upload types


you can access the plugin via: settings -> media

the whole thing looks like this:

wordpress plugin manage upload types

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