What Web Editors to use?

… while beeing free aptana does great in terms of auto-completing html and javascript, it still can not handle large projects (which will result in the constant indexing BUG that all older eclipse versions have in commone…).

aptana is eclipse based, so i try my luck with NEW version of eclipse + the plugin “Web Page editor” and the “Web developer tools”

+ you will also need to setup (manual setups are nerve wrecking!) launch html-modifications: https://dwaves.de/index.php/2014/01/16/eclipse-run-launch-html-htm-webpage-in-external-browser-external-tools-shortcut-hotkey/

Go to “Help” > “Install New Software” Choose to work with the site “http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo“, Expand “Web, XML and Java EE development”, Check “Web Page Editor” and click Next to continue with the install, then Restart immediately. (eclipse does not like posponed restarts when installing new software)

Hint1 / Tip1: Switching open Files / Editor-Windows is done via Apple-Button + F6. (not standard: Ctrl+Tab)

Hint2 / Tip2: When you create a new web project – don’t use the “Static Web Project” – use the “General -> Project” otherwise you might face this error: (COMON IBM-ECLIPSE GUYS! I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER!)

Errors occurred during the build.

Errors running builder ‘Faceted Project Validation Builder’ on project ‘bla’.

Could not initialize class org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.project.facet.IJ2EEFacetConstants

eclipse kepler error web static project


When creating web projects use the “General -> Project”.

eclipse kepler general project

stackoverflow uses: WYSIWYM Markdown Editor

microsoft visual web developer? (M$ is really great at coming up with long names that no one ever will remember)



Sources: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/54868/what-is-the-best-html-editor-for-eclipse

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