in order to get support for FAT32 formatted USB sticks  i want to compile my own carambola firmware.

ready compiled and tested firmware for carambola 1 rt305x CPU download here (do sysupgrade with file called openwrt-ramips-rt305x-carambola-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin): (download .zip.pdf renamte to .zip, unpack)

it comes with these features:

  • lua+luci (super nice admin webinterface)
  • htop (great tool to check what is running, what is using ram and cpu, you can also move around with cursors (in contrast to normal top) did not work from osx terminal but from putty)
  • openssh-client, (ssh server is beardrop)
  • samba server (windows filesharing)
  • web server: lighttpd+php5 application (how to setup fcgi, fastcgi)
  • usb-storage support: vfat, ext3, ext4, cifs
  • rsync!!! (super tool to sync whole directories to and from carambola)
  • next time add? (please comment)

and you can do this too…

this is the complete documentation how i did it: CarambolaCompiling on VirtualBox.pdf

i setup a minimal “carambolaCompiler” debian64bit installation in VirtualBox that you can download here: (have not found a suitable webspace hoster)

make kernel_menuconfigmake kernelconfig

make menuconfig make menuconfig

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