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SVG Basics <!– will create a animated square that changes its height –> <svg> <rect width="200" height="200" fill="slategrey"> <animate attributeName="height" from="0" to="200" dur="3s"/> </rect> </svg> Security ProblemZZZ


the keyword is SVG – Scalable Vector Grafix – supported even from ie9 and later check out these massively cool examples: click on a pie slice and zoom in display the current time as a BAR CHART 😀 […]


DON’T USE OPACITY ON THE WHOLE DIV! IT WILL MAKE THE TEXT AS WELL TRANSPARENT! #someDiv { opacity: 0.8; } btw: OPAQUE is the opposite of TRANSPARENT ONLY APPLY TO BACKGROUND: #someDiv { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(255, […]


Meta No Cache Make browser always load content from server, instead of getting content from cache. Using tags to turn off caching in all browsers? <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="max-age=0" /> <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" /> <meta http-equiv="expires" content="0" /> <meta http-equiv="expires" […]


there seems to be a lot of confusion around an Apple introduced meta-tag called „viewport“ let’s try to learn from Apple what it means by „viewport“. Briefly If you are not coding a responsive site, just don’t use any […]


unfortunately, with every producer (Apple (Quicktime=mp4), Adobe (vlf), Microsoft, Google (webm)…) wanting to set their own standard… things become complicated. Only solution: Open Source Standards & support by everybody. thats the code from the „Video for Everybody“ generator <!– […]


„Die endgültige Lösung fand Ryan Dahl dann schließlich im Januar 2009 mit Java- Script. Hier wurde ihm klar, dass diese Scriptsprache sämtliche seiner Anforderungen erfüllen könnte.“ 1. non-blocking i/o (ruby too slow) 2. JavaScript war bereits seit Jahren im Web […]


file: ClassUser.php <?php include("ExampleClass.php"); $class_instance = new ExampleClass(); $class_instance->setExample("example sucks"); echo($class_instance->getExample()); $class_instance->NewProperty = "You just created a new propertey of the class, that is not defined per default"; $class_instance->AnotherProperty = "You just created a new propertey of the class, that […]


there is a file called: /.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs in your Aptana installation. (at least under OSX but should be the same under windows) example content: RECENT_WORKSPACES= RECENT_WORKSPACES_PROTOCOL=3 SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG=true eclipse.preferences.version=1   1. open that file 2. delete everything after „RECENT_WORKSPACES=“ 3. turn SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG=false to SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG=true […]


we all know this… (etherpad),, dropbox etc. all generate long and cryptic links that we can share to allow other people to access specific content. maybe i am mistaken, but that is what google says: „It’s almost impossible […]


„Search engines only know about your site because they are able to (or not able to) access it. While visitors can click freely from page to page of your site (assuming there aren’t logins or other secure areas they have […]


i wish, that such simple things should be easier accomplishable with html5. <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <title>Center Images in divs with css and html in 2014</title> <body>     <style> /* center container inside html */ .imageContainer {     […]


will immediately redirect your visitors to login.php <head> <!– highly complicated refresh no-cache –> <meta http-equiv="Expires"content="Tue, 01 Jan 1980 1:00:00 GMT"/> <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control"content="no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate"/> <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control"content="pre-check=0, post-check=0,max-age=0"/> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=login.php"> <h1>redirecting…</h1> </head>


Beeing not fond in hurling massive amounts of data into the google-nsa-monster’s mouth, but right now i don’t know any good alternative to this google-service. I was wondering if you could prevent parts of the page to be translated? Email […]


Checkout: IceCat while you probably never can avoid 100% surveillance at least try to keep your BigData footprint as small as possible… (same for CO2 😀 and fossil-fuels) Linux Systems: Downloads: (32-Bit) (64-Bit) Downloads für Debian-basierte Distributionen (Debian, […]


netscape -> firefox -> google? how independent is the mozilla foundation? and why is it cooperating with google so much? they are not even on the html5 WHATWG team that creates the next version of html5? or yes they are […]


What Web Editors to use? … while beeing free aptana does great in terms of auto-completing html and javascript, it still can not handle large projects (which will result in the constant indexing BUG that all older eclipse versions have […]


Most used browsers on this site Browsers Amount Percentage [ + ]  Mozilla Firefox 5942   35.61 % [ – ]  Internet Explorer 3100   18.58 % # Internet Explorer versions Amount Percentage 1 6.0 1211   39.06 % 2 9.0 590   19.03 % 3 7.0 524   16.9 % 4 8.0 337 […]


here you can download the opera mobile emulator emulating for osx, windows and linux numerous mobile devices like the nokia n800:  thanks to some spanish speaking guys it’s also possible to have a spanish android version in virtualbox: […]


it’s pretty funny… not even google knows what valid html looks like. html has gone a long way, starting in 1999 and specified by the W3C as a recommendation, not a standard. The technology how to create web layouts kept […]