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Why is Updating phpBB sooo complicated? :-D

First of all: Nice work with phpBB it is truly Open Source and a cool forum with massive amounts of features and a lively community! Well done! one or two problems: 1. i am having a little problem with spam […]


You can run this tool on your Linux or OSX box: Linux: Debian On Debian testing and unstable: Step 1. Type the following in your terminal: apt-get install ooniprobe; On Debian stable (jessie): Step 1. Configure debian backports by […]


Diaspora respects your privacy. It even strips meta-data from your uploaded pictures. If you upload a picture, you do not forward any copyrights to facebook. (WhatsApp was bought by facebook expect all stuff to come together in one server and […]


if you are not using DIASPORA: YOU ARE MISSING ON A LOT OF FUNNY PICTURES! 😀 LIKE: 26 August 2016 August 27th marks four years since diaspora*, the open, privacy-oriented social network, was placed into the hands of its […]