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tested on vesta cp (apach2+nginx+Debian 8.7) this script could be placed into a file called: /scripts/ #!/bin/bash #sh -c ‚tail -f /var/log/vesta/*.log && tail -f /var/log/nginx/*.log‘ & tail -f /var/log/vesta/*.log & tail -f /var/log/nginx/*.log & and you can run it […]


if i put in exactly the same search terms… i get completely different results from THANKS! 🙂 KEEP IT UP! 🙂 PS: I am a little sad that (that nobody knows, used to be a German-Based search engine) […]


hatte mal den slogal „don’t be evil“ aber ganz ehrlich… Sie sind die Datenkrake No1. -> „Wir wollen Unterdrückung bekämpfen“… muhahah. FAKE?


it’s official… google TRACKS YOU! with all means possible. Now amazon and facebook work together… if you noticed whatever you where interested in on amazon… suddenly appears as advertisement on facebook. So: WHATEVER YOU CAN IMAGINE – WILL BE DONE. […]