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su; # become root yum install kernel-devel # get kernel source # kernel sources will be copied to /usr/src/kernels/3.10.0-514.16.1.el7.x86_64/ # there is a broken softlink in # /usr/src/kernels/3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 # -> # /usr/src/kernels/3.10.0-514.16.1.el7.x86_64/ # which you will have to fix like […]

linux CentOS7 – install MATE Gnome2 based Desktop

yum install epel-release yum groupinstall „X Window system“ yum groupinstall „MATE Desktop“ systemctl isolate; # Tell your systemd to start the per default unlink /etc/systemd/system/; ln -s /usr/lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/; reboot; you should get a grafical login prompt now […]


what real value can add linux to mankind? efficiency – less power consumed – less waste – because it runs well on old hardware as well transparency – should actually dissalow tyrannie and dictatorship – because you SHOULD acutally be […]


You could manually and termporarily get an dynamic ip address from dhcp server like this: dhclient eth0; # renew dhcp lease, ask for dhcp address, where eth0 is probably the nic you want The /etc/sysconfig/network file should contain the following […]

Debian8.7 vs CentOS7 vs. SUSE12 – kernel version – filesystem – directory structure – RAM memory usage

it is interesting to see what kernel+filesystem the distributions rely on. Kernels: While CentOS is still on 3.10, Debian is believing in 3.16, and SUSE is „latest“ with it’s 4.4 Version kernel. you can upgrade with Debian to […]


you won’t believe it – but your password is NOT required. all you have to do is find „#autologin-user“ and put your „autologin-user=username“ into it and <- UNCOMMENT autologin-user-timeout=0. reboot. works. uname -a; # tested with Linux debian 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 […]


cmatrix now also for centos redhat and suse12! 😀 the probably most important linux program in cyberspace…. and neither centos nor suse have it in their repositories. shame! 😀 matrix just changed color 😀 if you wanna feel like a […]


update: 2018.04 PaleMoon (Mozilla code base) was just updated and released It is based on Firefox 27.9 (?) and pretty fast UserAgent from header Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/3.4 Firefox/52.9 PaleMoon/27.9.0 youtube works uBlock works and comes […]


nmap returns a nice overview… but be aware! nmap localhost will return different results than nmap (actual ip of your host) – because not all services are allowed to be accessed from outside. in the following example smtp and […]


add user to group # official, cross distribution (tested with suse12, centos7, debian8) usermod -a -G GROUPNAME USERNAME # redhat/centos: usermod -a -G wheel user; # add user „user“ to group „wheel“ in order to allow user to use sudo […]