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ODROID-XU4 low power high speed embedded 8 core linux computer – lan dhcp connect and ssh into odroid xu4

the hardware you can get the ODROID with HDMI (monitor/screen) output: with active cooling: with passive cooling: for 80€ or the NAS/SATA variation (headless, no GPU, no HDMI, no screen/monitor) : for 60€. What SoC are you using? The […]


0. generate keys on client ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "backup user on client that wants to rsync to qnap far away"; when asked for passphrase, do not enter anything… 1. one needs to upload one’s public key ( 2. one […]


(texted on Qnap TS-219P) 1. login to web backend 2. go to App Center and install ipkg Optiware 4. login via ssh into backend: filename: ipkg update; # update package repository ipkg install screen; # install screen ipkg install […]