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Checkout: IceCat Ok, let’s put this straigt. Mozilla HAD (!!!) a contract with Google from 2012 – 2014 that showered them with money – which they probably got a lot of shitstorms, and online-bashing. But even worse: Google stole a […]


SUPPORT THE ALTERNATIVES! – BIGDATA IS WHAT NSA CIA AND DICTATORS EAT FOR BREAKFAST The Popular FreeMail-Service providers like, were probably all bought by United Internet, which belongs to the NSA. So here is your alternatives: […]


this is totally possible with the Add-on: Send Later Mirror: send_later-4.4.1-sm+tb.xpi functionality to schedule the time for sendingChanges the „Send Later“ command Ctrl+Shift+Return in the message composition window, so that instead of merely copying the message into your Outbox […]


if you hit (Shift+Apple/Windows+i) in thunderbird… you get a chat window. i have not tested any of these… but they are available: 1. facebook 2. google talk 3. IRC 4. Twitter 5. XMPP … nice! 😀