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hotkeys = shortcuts. <span class="pun">/*</span> <span class="typ">Signals</span><span class="pun">.</span>  <span class="pun">*/</span> <span class="com">#define SIGHUP      1   /* Hangup (POSIX).  */</span> <span class="com">#define SIGINT      2   /* Interrupt (ANSI).  */</span> <span class="com">#define SIGQUIT     3   /* […]


You can use those listed filesystems to install your linux into it (/root-partition)… but you can not use VFAT-Family(FAT16,FAT32 and probably also not exFAT :-D) Debian8 says. They must know. ext2 ( Rémy Card ) ext3 (Stephen Tweedie) ext4 Developer(s) […]


About the test: The test will be in ENGLISH – there is NO GERMAN VERSION. LPIC1 is two tests (101-400 and 102-400) that you take (probably) at two different days. It is 60 questions each and you have 90minutes each. […]