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Debian GNU HURD MicroKernel – Stallman’s OS comes to life :-D

requirements: make sure you have enough harddisk space… 😀 In December 1991 the primary architect of the Hurd described the name as a mutually recursive acronym:[7] It’s time [to] explain the meaning of „Hurd“. „Hurd“ stands for „Hird of Unix-Replacing […]

Linux Kernel – Security Updates

latest kernel related security problems can be found here… -> newsletter subsribe: also


to be honest… i find all of those meassurement tools too complicated to install. they probably all have their validity – but why not simply do it like this: given that you have a webserver installed and the web-root is […]


debian has „codenames“ for it’s releases… i always get confused which codename is what release number. with those commands you can easily identify both. hostnamectl seems to be the cross-distribution solution for that. user@suse12:~> hostnamectl Static hostname: suse12.domain Transient hostname: […]

about – x11 display server – display or login manager – window manager

The X11 Window System Developer(s) X.Org Foundation  Initial release 6 April 2004; 13 years ago[1] Stable release 1.19.3 / 15 March 2017; 2 months ago[2] Repository, git://, git:// Written in C Operating system Cross-platform Size 3.7 MiB[3] Available in English Type Display […]


vi; # create a new file with those lines #!/bin/bash COUNT=10 while (( COUNT > 0 )) do      echo -e „$COUNT \c“     sleep 1;     (( COUNT — )) done echo -e „\n\nWe have lift off!!“ ESC […]

system logging – log files – rsyslog rsyslogd

TOS-based systems (Atari ST) used a row of bombs to indicate a critical system error. Number of bombs displayed revealed information about the error. The error (also called an exception) is reported by the Motorola 68000 microprocessor. The very first […]


i have no idea where they get their data from… but they have a nice ranking page… not sure if that is a true good representation of the market though. it is crazy… in 2017 – Linux has ONLY […]


in general programs = processes = tasks = job less is more (security) run as little software as you absolutely need – uninstall/disable all services you don’t need. less software = less lines of mistaken code = less security flaws. […]


file access modify creation time will always be in UTC format. In which time offset is +hours or -hours from Longitude: 0° (Prime Meridian) Prime meridian (Greenbich) GPS: 0° 00′ 05.3101″ W Other names: Z / Zulu Time Zone Time […]


looks different in every distro… Debian8 root@debian:~# uname -a; # tested on Linux debian 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.43-2 (2017-04-30) i686 GNU/Linux root@debian:~# ll /etc/X11/ total 72K drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4.0K Jun 2 15:39 app-defaults -rw-r–r– 1 root root […]


interesting but untested app under CentOS MATE Gnome2

password protect encrypt files with vim and vi

it’s amazing… try this: open up a text file Hit ESC (command mode) :X now vim / vi will ask you for a password if you know save and quit and reopen the file it detects that the file was […]


hotkeys = shortcuts. <span class="pun">/*</span> <span class="typ">Signals</span><span class="pun">.</span>  <span class="pun">*/</span> <span class="com">#define SIGHUP      1   /* Hangup (POSIX).  */</span> <span class="com">#define SIGINT      2   /* Interrupt (ANSI).  */</span> <span class="com">#define SIGQUIT     3   /* […]


it is amazing on how many chips linux can run CPUs you probably have NEVER heared of 😀 OpenRISC – Academic and non-commercial use Being open source, OpenRISC has proved popular in academic and hobbyist circles. For example, Stefan […]