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LibreSignal alternative to WhatsApp – direct download

LibreSignal is like Signal – the private WhatsApp and SMS service – but without using requirement for GooglePlay. So people with alterntive firmwares on their phones (CyanogenMod) can use it as well. Is it a fake alternative that started off […]


You can run this tool on your Linux or OSX box: Linux: Debian On Debian testing and unstable: Step 1. Type the following in your terminal: apt-get install ooniprobe; On Debian stable (jessie): Step 1. Configure debian backports by […]


Checkout: IceCat Ok, let’s put this straigt. Mozilla HAD (!!!) a contract with Google from 2012 – 2014 that showered them with money – which they probably got a lot of shitstorms, and online-bashing. But even worse: Google stole a […]