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you can use the command: xdpyinfo|less to get your X-server version: name of display: :0.0 version number: 11.0 vendor string: The X.Org Foundation vendor release number: 11604000 X.Org version: 1.16.4 maximum request size: 16777212 bytes motion buffer size: 256 bitmap […]

Debian8.7 vs CentOS7 vs. SUSE12 – kernel version – filesystem – directory structure – RAM memory usage

it is interesting to see what kernel+filesystem the distributions rely on. Kernels: While CentOS is still on 3.10, Debian is believing in 3.16, and SUSE is „latest“ with it’s 4.4 Version kernel. you can upgrade with Debian to […]


you won’t believe it – but your password is NOT required. all you have to do is find „#autologin-user“ and put your „autologin-user=username“ into it and <- UNCOMMENT autologin-user-timeout=0. reboot. works. uname -a; # tested with Linux debian 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 […]