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Samba4 on CentOS7 in under 10min – add windows file sharing user script

how to install and setup samba on centos: yum install samba samba-client samba-common; # install samba # let samba through firewall firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-service=samba firewall-cmd –reload # make service autostart systemctl enable smb.service systemctl enable nmb.service # start service […]

ODROID-XU4 low power high speed embedded 8 core linux computer – lan dhcp connect and ssh into odroid xu4

the hardware you can get the ODROID with HDMI (monitor/screen) output: for 80€. or the NAS/SATA variation (headless, no GPU, no HDMI, no screen/monitor) : for 60€. What SoC are you using? The SoC is a Samsung Exynos5422 Octa. What […]

Howto install and setup File Sharing Server with GNU Linux

ext3+gnu_linux+samba = fast and reliable fileserver. WARNING! Security problems Versions from Version 3.5.0 to 4.6.4 (recent in May 2017 ) are affected and need to be patched! patches are available from: Unfortunately EVEN Debian9 (!!!! GUYS FIX THAT FAST […]

GNU Linux -> undelete ext3 vs ext4

update: extundelete works well on ext3 but kind of failed me on ext4. so i tried: foremost which seems to work better with ext4 and large volumes, BUT it seems it can NOT recover filenames. (extundelete on ext3 can […]


can be easily checked via: root@debian9:~# cat /proc/filesystems nodev sysfs nodev rootfs nodev ramfs nodev bdev nodev proc nodev cpuset nodev cgroup nodev cgroup2 nodev tmpfs nodev devtmpfs nodev debugfs nodev tracefs nodev securityfs nodev sockfs nodev bpf nodev pipefs […]