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got it installed on debian8 and it starts but seems broken for debian8 + lightdm + MATE Gnome2 Desktop. (at least not in that Hyper-V VM) not highly important but would be fun 😀 (you will need JavaScript to […]


interesting but untested app under CentOS MATE Gnome2

Howto Setup jitsi debian mate

so my idea is… jitsi is that cool open source, multi platform chat and video + audio conference tool that you can even use with/over google hangout… so it uses their servers but encrypts your stuff? (not sure!) 😀 „scalable […]


Checkout: IceCat Which browser to surf freely? # 2 Independent this question immediately brings another question along: What html rendering engine should i use? (can i trust) A web browser engine (sometimes called layout engine or rendering engine) is a […]


Checkout: IceCat Description BlueLightCat is a simple browser whose feature list includes things like „History“, „Bookmarks“ and „QuickView“, that is a page to see the most visited hosts. It is small, less then 10,000 lines of code and very fast. […]


you know blender is that cool tool that i wished it was available 20 years ago on an Atari Falcon with mathematical Co-Processor (this was an costly Addon :-D) I tried to accomplish anything with on an Atari Falcon 030, […]


the problem: *.rtfd seems to be a „stuck on OSX“ problem… but actually TextEdit is a OpenSource (!) software 🙂                          4.0+20061029-3.4+b1               amd64        Text editor for GNUstep you can download debian packages here:;O=A and install it via: wget […]