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system logging – log files – rsyslog rsyslogd

TOS-based systems (Atari ST) used a row of bombs to indicate a critical system error. Number of bombs displayed revealed information about the error. The error (also called an exception) is reported by the Motorola 68000 microprocessor. The very first […]

systemd – perfect software and social skills

update: systemd blanks NetFlix X-D security problems: non-root to root escalation: a bit of software philosophy unix philosophy – keep it small and beautiful. Despite the fact – that the catholic church claims that it’s pope is „infallible“ – […]


if you are using an MBR partition table then it’s stored in the drive MBR, if you are using GPT with BIOS then it’s stored in the drive’s protected MBR if you are using GPT with UEFI then it’s stored […]