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you can boot a knoppix to perform those benchmarks… BUT DO NOT BOOT KNOPPIX ON SYSTEMS WITH NTFS AND LSI RAID ADAPTERS!!! (you might lose your partition table) harddisk benchmarks Benchmark Linux System cpu apt-get install sysbench sysbench –test=cpu –cpu-max-prime=20000 […]


very basic self made benchmarking Open Source Benchmark Suite – Open Source Benchmark Results – (Web) Server Benchmark – (Web) Server Benchmark. example result hetzner VPS: non-free: – The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation […]


this benchmark tests harddisk and cpu by creating a 1GB file and meassures the time it takes to md5sum that file. so you can calculate how long it is going to take to md5sum 1TB… this script does it’s […]


harddisk benchmarks sequential read large files basically meassuring raw I/O noscript: i don’t know what is wrong with /dev/random in debian9 – it does not work well with dd anymore!? a simple: cat /dev/random > test_file_harddisk_bench; # seems to work […]