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btrfs is used by SUSE12 for the /root partition – where it is doing daily snapshots of the installed OS. It has more functionality built-in than just storing files. This article wants to take btrfs for a test-drive. Video Tutorials: […]


„XFS is a high performance journaling filesystem which originated on the SGI IRIX platform.“ SGI (Silicon Graphics) is out of business since 2009. „The addition of 3D graphic capabilities to PCs, and the ability of clusters of Linux– and BSD-based […]

24.04.2016 As you can see it pretty much looks like Acronis True Image… even the color Blue is similar. The compression is pretty good. a 7.21Gbyte Windows C Partition is downsized to 3.5 Gbyte in a full backup.   […]


rsync is a cool beast with a billion options it allows you to ssh-secured transfer your backups to remote locations… pros: does chunk-wise md5 integrity check on files if files  differ only slightly it will „delta-transfer“ only the diff not retransfer the whole file… […]

02.10.2013 offers a long set of isos or links to isos for download. a nice service. thank you!   Home :: About Name Min Size Max Size Purpose Last Release Arch Linux 742 742 [OS Installation] [Rescue] 2016-08 Tails 1098 […]


linus torvalds hates backups, he like everyone else, tends to not do them. but if you feel your multiple wordpress installations should be backed up, in case some russian spam-hacker manages to completely compromise your site(s). you can install this […]


first of all: it’s absolutely HORRIBLE! how unecessarily complicated it is to install windows 7 on sony’s latest notebooks. if you are looking for the downgrade drivers: here we go: but you will need a lot of more steps […]


with a linux boot cd 🙂 [youtube=] bei windows 8 gehts wohl bissl anders: english: german:


TELNET Activate/Aktivieren: DIESES TOOL HERUNTERLADEN: download:   Telnet bei der Fritz!Box (z.B. 7270) ohne Telefon und Mod aktivieren und Verbindung herstellen, so gehts: 1. Telnet aktivieren via Web Gui (Fritzbox 7170)


i dropped an external buffalo drive containing a wd harddisk. if you have a head crash, putting your drive in a fridge for a day (double-packed in anti-static bags, air-sealed with tape) might help you. but when you have the […]