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24.04.2016 As you can see it pretty much looks like Acronis True Image… even the color Blue is similar. The compression is pretty good. a 7.21Gbyte Windows C Partition is downsized to 3.5 Gbyte in a full backup.   […]


TESTED and Worked! with acronis 2015 usb boot stick. !!! BE CAREFUL YOU DON’T WANT TO OVERWRITE ANY INTERAL HARDDISK HERE!!!   find out where your USB Stick is-mounted… you could use gparted which gives you a nice grafical view […]


rsync is a cool beast with a billion options it allows you to ssh-secured transfer your backups to remote locations… pros: does chunk-wise md5 integrity check on files if files  differ only slightly it will „delta-transfer“ only the diff not retransfer the whole file… […]

02.10.2013 offers a long set of isos or links to isos for download. a nice service. thank you!   Home :: About Name Min Size Max Size Purpose Last Release Arch Linux 742 742 [OS Installation] [Rescue] 2016-08 Tails 1098 […]


linus torvalds hates backups, he like everyone else, tends to not do them. but if you feel your multiple wordpress installations should be backed up, in case some russian spam-hacker manages to completely compromise your site(s). you can install this […]


first of all: it’s absolutely HORRIBLE! how unecessarily complicated it is to install windows 7 on sony’s latest notebooks. if you are looking for the downgrade drivers: here we go: but you will need a lot of more steps […]


with a linux boot cd 🙂 [youtube=] bei windows 8 gehts wohl bissl anders: english: german:


TELNET Activate/Aktivieren: DIESES TOOL HERUNTERLADEN: download:   Telnet bei der Fritz!Box (z.B. 7270) ohne Telefon und Mod aktivieren und Verbindung herstellen, so gehts: 1. Telnet aktivieren via Web Gui (Fritzbox 7170)


i dropped an external buffalo drive containing a wd harddisk. if you have a head crash, putting your drive in a fridge for a day (double-packed in anti-static bags, air-sealed with tape) might help you. but when you have the […]


RUN THE SETUP AS ADMINISTRATOR! THEN RENAME THE TrueImage.exe to something like TrueImage1.exe AND IT WORKS 😀 otherwise windows 7 will complain about „this application has been blocked“. this is not true, don’t believe micro$oft. R-Click-> RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR -> […]


my mac story goes like this… i hated windows since windows 95… it was buggy, it crashed all the time… you had to reinstall every 10x times you started a programm… linux was not so super user friendly yet… my […]


this way you can also BACKUP THE ENTIRE MAC/ LINUX HARDDISK LINUX TO A FILE! TEMPLATE MacOS: open terminal 1. first check where the cdrom was mounted via mount macbook:~ /dev/disk0s2 on / (hfs, local, journaled) devfs on /dev (devfs, […]