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WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages WhatsApp = Facebook pretends to protect your privacy with a faulty implementation of the OpenWhisper-System-Encryption. „Steffen Tor Jensen, head of information security and digital counter-surveillance at the European-Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights, verified […]


everyday at midnight the uploaded files will be securely deleted (cronjob). see the code: <?php error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); // report all errors except notices echo ‚     <!DOCTYPE html>     <html lang="en">     <head>     <meta […]

CryptoCat – Chat Secure Addon for Desktop/Firefox and App

Sind wir denn alle Paranoide „Verschwörungstheoretiker“? Google: Don’t be evil… oder maybe doch? Was kann man(n)/Frau tun? Android App Apk Download/Mirror: Cryptocat_1.0_1.apk.gz Firefox Rated 4 out of 5 stars 21 user reviews 24,718 users Add to collection Share this Add-on […]


Inside VirtualBox i can play CounterStrike… but it seems to not be possible to get the Android-Device Emulator to work… because of missing hardware accleration.   What you will need: 1. android studio bundle: direct link: 2. Oracle […]


1. download: mirror: androidfiletransfer.dmg 2. connect Android device (it worked for me in MTP mode, but i have Cyanogen Kitkat 4.4.4 installed) 3. Run the program. you should see the content of your phone.


If you don’t have Google Tools installed (cyanogen mod) on your Android device, and you need a direct download link to firefox.apk here it is: Please use to retrieve the latest Firefox release or the command line: wget -O […]


If You’re Running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and AboveP If you have a shiny new phone with Ice Cream Sandwich or above, screenshots are built right into your phone! Just press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same […]