MySQL search replace update where sql query

yes, it is NOT the most convenient, query you could imagine. UPDATE `table_name` SET `column_name` = REPLACE(`column_name`, ‚replace_this‘, ‚with_this‘) WHERE `column_name` LIKE ‚%with_this%‘ COLLATE utf8mb4_bin; it is what phpmyadmin generates when you go here:

opening png images on Android phones is not safe anymore

Outlook hacked by receiving an email – fax machine – hacked by receiving a fax – Android SmartPhones hacked by vieweing a picture.png (it’s a bug in the Framework/SDK) – „great“ whats next?Will SmartPhones and „THE INTERNET“ be doomed „unsafe“ […]

Pine64 – Pine Phone Pine Laptop Notebook Free Hardware
08.Feb.2019 Low cost Board and a ARM based laptop for below 100USD? NICE! Pine Phone Pine Book LOOKS GREAT 🙂 cheap, light, 6h battery 14″ display: 11″ display: OS: can run Debian/Ubuntu Benchmarks: […]

self hosted wordpress setup script

WARNING! BACKUP YOUR MACHINE! UNTESTED! before running this script change to your new web root: /home/UserName/web/ then run it like /scripts/ it tries to: download and unpack the latest wordpress into the current directory disable xmlrpc.php disable wp-cron.php requirements: a […]

DSGVO – Verzeichnis von Daten Verarbeitungstätigkeiten OpenOffice LibreOffice Vorlage Muster Template odt

Die OpenOffice/LibreOffice Version: (editierbar) Verzeichnis von Verarbeitungstätigkeiten OpenOffice LibreOffice nach Vorlage LDABayern v1 2019-01.odt PDF-Version: (nicht editierbar) Verzeichnis von Verarbeitungstätigkeiten OpenOffice LibreOffice nach Vorlage LDABayern v1 2019-01.pdf basierend auf: Achtung! Ich biete hier nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen eine […]

remote network mount directory via ssh – sshfs

it is super slow, but for copying small files it works. if /mnt/cifs/here is owned by non-root user, also non-root users are allowed to mount. (which is rather tricky with mount cifs) # setup software apt install sshfs yum install […]

lnav – like less but more colorful output of log files

how to monitor all logs… as i was wondering what combination of less -R with or without ccze would allow me to view log files colorful (because a desert of black and white… does not give you a good […]

howto wordpress vestacp increase upload max file size limit

1. check what php.ini is used/loaded 1.1. place vim /home/user/web/ with this content: <?php phpinfo(); which will look like this in your browser: MAKE SURE TO REMOVE info.php afterwards! nobody needs to know the details of your webserver. 2. centos7 […]

The Y2038 Problem – cars and embedded systems

in comparison to Y2K: „The issue became when it became 2000 because that would be stored as 00 in the program. This caused many to believe that say, bank software wouldn’t be able to get your money out because it […]

Retro Computing

I gutted a 1975 Zenith Blackstripe television and stuffed a flatscreen monitor into it so I could show off games I made on it (you can see a Lubuntu shutdown screen here). — Ranibow Sprimkle Baker (@destroyed4com4t) January 20, […]

iphone ipad – change Relocate backup location

On computers with SSD system drives any iOS device backups can take up a significant proportion of the available space. iTunes doesn’t provide a mechanism for choosing where this backup data is stored, but it can be relocated onto another […]


visit via browser: or from bash: curl { „ip“: „“, „hostname“: „“, „city“: „City“, „region“: „Region“, „country“: „DE“, „loc“: „49.XXXX,10.XXXX“, „postal“: „12345“, „org“: „Hetzner Online GmbH“


list all jails fail2ban-client status Status |- Number of jail: 1 `- Jail list: sshd get status: /scripts/ echo „===== fail2ban status =====“ JAILS=`fail2ban-client status | grep „Jail list“ | sed -E ’s/^[^:]+:[ \t]+//‘ | sed ’s/,//g’` for JAIL in […]

debian and cups rename printer

if you print from a laptop at home at at office, and it happens you have the same printer model here and there, you might to want to distinguish between them by name. # become root sudo bash # backup […]

HardKernel new Odroid H2 powerfull embedded x86 with dual SATA

… question is, can it run Debian only with free drivers? 😉 2x SATA = RAID1 = GREAT FOR NAS! ODROID-H2 Key Features Intel Quad-core processor J4105 (14nm) with 4MiB Cache, up to 2.5Ghz(Single Thread) or 2.3Ghz(Multi Thread) Dual-channel […]