first of all – thanks for this cool mail client 🙂

i really love icedove / thunderbird.

A very cool feature that i am missing – it’s nice that imap can syn mail accounts – and i really love that i just can copy and paste a profile folder to a new machine and all the accounts/filters are there.

second: naming: addons = extensions = plugins

thanks for the naming confusion 😀 – don’t do namefusing! Microsoft loves to give existing technologies multiple names… for marketing purposes i guess… but this is confusing.

you have like 100x thunderbird mail accounts… because spammers are spamming them full, you need to create a new account… like,,…

But when you add this account to thunderbird it is at the very bottom.

When you start the program you will need to scroll down to your newly created account.

this sucks and i highly recommend the thunderbird icedove developers to add this feature. PLEASE! 😀

or have to recommend everyone… to develop some fancy open source web mail solution – that replaces thunderbird.

it is not sufficient to wait for others to keep their extensions updated…

So i installed this plugin a while ago:

And it does the job in

what you do is:

  1. install the plugin into icedove / thunderbird
  2. go into addons = extensions = plugins

unfortunately… i don’t know if this plugin will work in future versions of icedove-thunderbird. 🙁

and people should keep their www and mail software up to date – they are major security risks.

so that’s why i strongly ask mozilla to build this feature into icedove-thunderbird. Thanks 🙂

alternative download mirror archive:

unpack and drag and drop *.xpi here:

tested and worked with  until 57.0