setterm -blength 0; # turns off nerve wrecking "BELL"

echo 'setterm -blength 0; # turns off nerve wrecking "BELL"' >> /etc/bash.bashrc; # make the changes permanent/survive boot and for all users

this does not work for X11 terminals such as gnome’s…

Visual Bell in gnome-terminal

By default, gnome-terminal will beep the system speaker. I want a visual indicator instead. This makes it flash the menu bar, which is not ideal but is much better than the audible beep.

  1. Be sure gnome-terminal has the bell enabled: Edit > Profile Preferences > Terminal Bell must be checked. Pressing backspace at a prompt should cause an annoying audible beep.
  2. Turn on window flashing: In System > Preferences > Sound, Change the „Visual alert“ setting to „Flash window.“
  3. Disable the audible bell. In the same panel, uncheck the „Play alert sound“ check box.