Wow! 2 Millions on in CrowdFunding from Kickstarter

Star Citizen Live Stats: Funds Raised 142,400,560 USD

By Star Citizens: 1,732,349

Don’t tell me that ain’t sufficient 😀

Hide PC requirements

Windows 7 (64 bit) – Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (64 bit)
DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM
Quad core CPU
8GB Memory

This game has amazing details and (of course) the most astonishing grafics ever seen on this planet.

But what about the other things that make a great game…

Like small innovative things that make a game unique.

What was cool about WingCommander?

I just played it a little.

But i played a lot of iWar. Now iWar is not easy to master… because of it’s unique flight-physics… but that is exactly the point that made it interesting in the first place 🙂

After all you don’t want to feel like as flying on digital rails…

Now let me name some pros of iWar and i BET MY ASS, Star Citizen will not be good at those, because i am not even sure the CryEngine is good at them, because it was designed for ego-shooters… same goes for UnrealEngine based games like Mass Effect.

  • Physics:
    • What was unique about iWar is „the drift“
      • Means: In space there is no friction (except your ship hits something with a mass)
      • There is an autopilot but most of the time you will be flying manual (except in LDS = light speed travel) which basically means you have to be careful with the gas pedal…
      • your ship can drift into any directions, so you can point your ship in any direction while continuing your drift-path 😀
      • so the steering really gives you the feeling of controlling something that is drifting through space, and has tons of mass…
  • Ship-Realism: your ship has different systems that can fail depending on damage, your crew is constantly working on it to repair
  • AIming: Aiming is also pretty difficult… because your guns can not aim 360-Degree
  • Asteroids: You could actually shoot asteroids and they would split into smaller ones 😀 I am not sure the CryEngine can actually do that…

Cons of iWar:

  • the radio chatter makes you feel less alone in space, but actually it is getting on your nerves after a while


  • I bet there will be no possibility to destroy a building or any larger object… because the CryEngine is not build for that…. whatever, there are more important things in life than those details, like games fun to play 😀

Some Screenshots from the Star Citizen Game