Mars Rover! 😀

Some game mag titled it „GTA on Mars“ – well i guess that kind of nails it, because in Part 3 „TerraForming“ is not possible any more… just „buildings“ not mountains.

I loved RedFaction1 and RedFaction2 (in this two titles you could actually „terraform“ the level, like blast very long tunnels into a wall.

RedFaction3 (Guerilla, GeoMod 2.0) is also pretty good – but no „terraforming“ anymore… you can only „terraform“ the buildings.

The forth Part (Armageddon (GeoMod 2.5)) is done with improved technology from Part3 (GeoMod 2.0) – but the story ain’t great and it is too much exaggerated – not a lot of „TerraForming“ can be done in part 4. What a pitty… that was what made RedFaction a special game and distinct from others.

Holy Crap – they made a movie out of it…

Red Faction: Armageddon were poor and the game was considered a commercial failure by THQ.[35] Because of this, on June 27, 2011, THQ announced that plans for future installments had been cancelled.[36] The disappointing sales of Armageddon, along with other factors, had led THQ to lose $38.4 million in a fiscal year.[37] While no actual sales figures are revealed, after THQ declared bankruptcy in December 2012, developer Volition, who was purchased by Deep Silver in an auction, revealed that the development of both Red Faction Guerrilla and Red Faction: Armageddon had „lost quite a bit“ of money“ for THQ.[38]

Also make shure to play the Bonus Missions :) (Marauder-Queen)

Also make shure to play the Bonus Missions 🙂 (Marauder-Queen)