Back in Soviet times – there was no internet – only telephones and telegrams.

In the backyards of Russia’s Siberia many people even use Satellite phones as the only possibility of (also international) communication.

So it is not possible for any country (not just Russia) to easily shut down all alternative sources of information and dominate the information-warfare and propaganda-sky.

But yes i guess Russia probably has the capability to jam „unauthorized“ Satellite communication.

Is Putin working on a new virtual Iron curtain?

And: Is „the NATO-West“ doing the same?

“Smaller providers account for over 50 per cent of the market in some Russian regions, generally lack the DPI technology used by the larger companies to implement the blocking orders, and often use satellite connections that cannot be easily blocked,”

Russia has run large scale experiments to test the feasibility of cutting the country off the World Wide Web, a senior industry executive has claimed.

The tests, which come amid mounting concern about a Kremlin campaign to clamp down on internet freedoms, have been described by experts as preparations for an information blackout in the event of a domestic political crisis. The Telegraph reported.